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Wir weisen darauf hin, dass die Zuordnung der eingetragenen Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälte zu den ausgewählten Rubriken ausdrücklich auf einer Selbsteinschätzung der Eingetragenen beruht und durch die DPJV e.V. nicht überprüft wurde. Die Bezeichnung als "Spezialist" hat nichts zu tun mit der Berechtigung, Interessen- oder Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte bzw. Fachanwaltsbezeichnungen im Sinne der Berufsordnung der Rechtsanwälte (BORA) zu verwenden. Anfragen bezüglich der Spezialistenkartei nimmt Herr Sascha Tamim Asfandiar entgegen.

Traple, Elzbieta [Rechtsanwältin]

ul. Królowej Jadwigi 170
30-212 Kraków

Tel:  +48 (12) 426 05 30
Fax: +48 (12) 426 05 40
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Gewerblicher Rechtschutz / Polen /
Handelsrecht / Polen /
Lizenz- / Lizenzvertragsrecht / Polen /
Marken und Urheberrecht / Polen /
Medienrecht / Polen /
Verlagsrecht / Polen /
Wettbewerbsrecht / Polen /

Sprachen: polnisch, deutsch, englisch, französisch

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Traple Konarski Podrecki Law Office arose from the law office set up in the year 1993 by Elzbieta Traple. In the year 1999 she was joined by Xawery Konarski and subsequently Dr. Pawel Podrecki who became partners.

The team of lawyers consists of 28 lawyers. Among them, there are barristers, legal advisors, legal and counsellor trainees and junior lawyers. The lawyers employed at the Office are carefully selected with respect to their practical skills, theoretical knowledge and knowledge of foreign languages, as well as professional experience acquired in the course of training practices abroad. The team specialises above all in the following fields: the right to intellectual property, the law of competition, rights of new technology and protection of personal details, public media and advertising rights, civil and commercial law. The Lawyer’s Office provides services in the following languages: Polish, English, German and French.

A number of partners and lawyers employed in the Lawyer’s Office conduct research and lecture at the Faculty of Law of the Jagiellonian University , in the Institute of Intellectual Property Rights of the Jagiellonian University , the L. Kozminski Higher School of Entrepreneurship in Warsaw and at the Faculty of Law of the University of Silesia . Our associates are the authors of a few dozen research publications, including books and monographs on law, mostly related to civil law, the law of intellectual property and the law of new technologies and information.

The many years of experience, the academic specializations of the employees, the individual approach to the client’s needs, and the high degree of professionalism in the undertaken activities constitute the pillars on which the success of our office is built. With a large group of experienced lawyers and associates, the Lawyer’s Office is capable of creating teams of several persons to deal with specific areas of legal issues related to the economic activity. On the market of legal services, Traple Konarski Podrecki enjoy an established reputation as a company capable of meeting the high requirements and expectations of our clients.

A confirmation of the high opinion we enjoy on the legal services market are the top places it has secured in the rankings of leading legal companies. As one of the two biggest legal companies in the Malopolska province, Traple Konarski Podrecki was also singled out as one of the leading offices in the whole of Poland (year 2004 and 2005). Moreover, the office has also found its place in the first fifteen legal companies recommended by competitive businesses, according to the ranking of the “Businessman” (2004).

The office provides legal services in many different fields of law and for various groups of clients. The range of services we provide entails not only familiarity with the Polish, but also the European legal system. In every case conducted, our office is capable of drawing up a report on the solutions adopted in the European resolutions and directives; it may also present an analysis of the ETS jurisdiction.

Among the clients who have entrusted Traple Konarski Podrecki with providing legal counselling services, there are both Polish entrepreneurs and foreign investors operating in Poland , including among others: banks and various financial institutions, telecommunications companies, press publishing companies, TV broadcasting stations and audio-visual producers. We also provide legal counselling services to food producing companies, breweries, pharmaceutical companies, owners of web portals and computer companies, leading advertising and marketing companies as well as associations, foundations and private individuals from all over Poland.

Apart from providing legal services to Polish and foreign entities, the Lawyer’s Office also counsels organisations which group companies operating within individual trade sectors, including counselling on the preparation of legislative projects and evaluation of the currently binding legal acts. Among the above organisations, one ought to mention the following entities:
- The Polish Chamber of IT and Telecommunications (PIIT)
- The Polish Trade and Distribution Organisation (POHiD)
- The Association of Polish Film Makers (SFP)
- The Association of Direct Marketing (SMB)
- The Union of Employers of the Brewing Industry (ZPPP).


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